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Zen Thai Massage - 75 min. session - $100

Your dosha will be assessed and a spritzer applicator bottle with the appropriate ingredients will be provided at your second session.  The massage involves yoga type movements on a Thai floor mat with some assisted flexed stretches.

(Purchase of the Two-Session  Zen Thai Massage Package - receive 10% total discount)

Couple's Massage Pod Package - Two hour long sessions (30 min Pod/30 min table) - $160

The massage table and massage pod are in the room together, the therapist works on one person on the table for a half hour while the other person enjoys the Alpha Massage Pod.  Then both people swap and get the other half hour in the opposite position.  Please note your clothing attire for the table massage may differ from the alpha massage pod based upon personal preference.

90 Minute Packages

4 hour and a half massages ($360 value) for ($345.60)

8 hour and a half massages ($720 value) for ($662.40)

60 Minute Packages

7 one-hour massages ($490 value) for $455.70

10 one-hour massages ($700 value) for $630

15 one-hour massages ($1,015 value) for $857.50

30 Minute Packages

6 half-hour massages ($240 value) for $225.60

8 half-hour massages ($320 value) for $294.40

12 half-hour massages ($480 value) for $422.40

15 half-hour massages ($600 value) for $510

Thai Massage Package

4 one-hour Thai massages ($360 value) for $306

Keuka Circuit Massage

3 half-hour "u-pick (Hot Stone/Foot Reflexology/Deep Tisssue/Chair) massages ($120 value) for $108

Infared Hot Sauna Packages

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